Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Characters Join the Family

I have some new exciting characters to show everyone! They're for a story I'm writing and I've absolutely fallen in love with them!

First we have Stephen, a curmudgeonly polar bear explorer/treasure hunter.
He works mainly as a loner, but after Casey (see below) rescues him from some angry tribesmen, he decides that the little girl might be worth keeping around.  Eventually his hard exterior is chipped away and a very compassionate, kind hearted creature is revealed.
 Sir Quincy Diogenes the Second wasn't always the strange beast you see below.  He used to be a brilliant human inventor,  but a science experiment gone wrong resulted in his bizarre half man half horse state of today.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Gryphon and....Things

This pic is just awesome. Just...Awesome.
As I wrote to my uncle as I sent these to him, awaiting evaluation:

I sincerely have no idea what these things are.

Monday, May 27, 2013

More doodles

Yeeeeep. That clown's still creepy.

Skele-bord Redo

OK, so my uncle suggested that Skele-Bord needed some explanation.

I'm not going to redraw the whole thing for lack of time, but here's the "Bord" layer of the drawing, for Clarity.

As you can see, the only parts of Bord that are "Skele-Bord" are the parts that the moonlight is touching. Everything clear??

(Also, yes, I skimped on the shading/color of his arms/legs/sword because you wouldn't see them in the final image. Ah, oh well. Maybe one day I'll just redraw the whole stupid thing.)

Another Art Dump

From Top to Bottom we have:
A Ferdy E-card for a friend in Germany
An anime cat-girl (or Neko)
A trademark Ferdy pose
A possible t-shirt/merchandising image
Character designing pages for one of my characters, Blake
Ferdinand and Coffee
A Treasure Island splash

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Check THIS out! Gives you an insight into my methods...Its's only half of the picture any way.